September 21, 2019

Hello All. 

Its been a busy couple of weeks:

  1. A number of the members attended the State IMT Conference in Vail.  By all accounts, it was a worthwhile trip.  Good speakers and more importantly networking with members of the other IMTs.  If anyone has a photo of the folks that attended, send it to me so I can include it in next month’s newsletter.

  2. We also sent an IMT to the Fire on the Plains Training in La Junta for the second year in a row.  We had two members from the SWIMT join us. It was very successful.  A letter is being drafted to the Directors of DFPC and DHSEM noting the experience and value of the Type 3 Teams.  When the final draft is complete, I will send it out to the membership.  Additionally, as a result of an “incident within an incident” exercise, the La Junta Police Chief committed to calling us in if any major incidents occur such as active shooter, etc.  I have attached a photo of those that participated with the new trailer. 

  3. October 19, 2019 at 0830 is the yearly meeting.  We need a count of those attending.  RSVP myself by October 1st if you are going or not.  Again, this is a Team Communication thing and will be addressed at the meeting.  The morning will consist of getting the trailer deployment ready, and the afternoon will be a discussion of the policies and procedures manual which was finally completed.  Again, I need a count so let me know if you are going or not. Starting in 2020, we will hold quarterly meetings which will include a training component.  Stay tuned.

  4. The State will only support 1 member of each IMT going to the AHIMTA conference in St. Louis.  How this gets filled is TBD.  Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

  5. The Colorado Emergency Manager’s Conference is coming together.  We will have another mentoring IMT.  How that looks is TBD. 

  6. We have two folks who will be attending the Winter Wildland Academy.  If your want to go, let me know first before you do anything.  I have to give a final roster by 12/1, and if you don’t let me know, you will not get reimbursed. 

Jeff Kolts

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